The Institution provides a wide variety of learning experiences to the students to enable them to compete for the jobsand get progress in higher education. Guidance and counseling cell properlyguides student teachers to choose right and appropriate course and professionafter the B.Ed. The Institution arranges campus interview through its placementcell. Many students get benefited from this placement cell.

List of students who qualified NET:

Tulika NET Qualified
Nidhi NET Qualified
Shruti NET Qualified
Mukta NET Qualified
Rinku NET Qualified
Geetanjali NET Qualified
Deepa Bisht NET Qualified
Jyoti NET Qualified
Nisha NET Qualified
Sunita Varma NET Qualified
Deepshikha Ghandhi NET Qualified

Students in Higher Studies:

Deepika Pursuing
Sonia Pursuing
Komal Pursuing Ph.D.
Tulika Pursuing Ph.D.
Nidhi Pursuing Ph.D.
Mukta Pursuing Ph.D.
Rinku Ph.D.
Deepa Bisht Ph.D.
Aarti Pursuing Ph.D.
Aarti M.Phil.
Ankit Kaur Pursuing M.A. English
Nisha Pursuing IIT
Shubhangi Goyal Pursuing Master psychology
Preeti Pursing MBA
Shriya Pursuing Master Maths
Pooja Pursuing Master psychology
Priya Goel C.S
Reetu M.Phil (Economics)

Students Qualified Competitive Examinations:

Sunita Varma CTET
Ankit Kaur CTET
Kanika CTET
Shubhangi Goyal CTET
Komal CTET
Nisha HTET
Anita CTET
Dheeraj CTET
Priyanka CTET
Hemlata CTET
Brijesh CTET
Monika CTET
Pooja CTET
Bharti CTET
Heena CTET
Anita CTET
Jyoti CTET
Pooja Mahra CTET
Priyanka Atri CTET,HTET
Bhawna Mudgal CTET,HTET
Nisha CTET
Teena CTET
Preeti Rani CTET

Students University Result

Result of B.Ed. (Session 2012-13) Pass 100 %

Number of First class-95 Students List of TopTen students

Sr. No Name Position
1 Brijesh Cha. First Position
2 Heena Goyal Second Position
3 Pooja Ahlawat Third Position
4 Kanika Gupta Fourth Position
5 Jyoti Fifth Position
6 Rakhi Jajoo Sixth Position
7 Meenu Devi Seventh Position
8 Hemlata Ch. Eighth Position
9 Babita Ninth Position
10 Punam Nardiya Ninth Position
11 Hunny Jain Tenth Position

Result of B.Ed. (Session 2013-14) Pass 100 %

Number of First class-97 Students List of TopTen students

Sr. No Name Position
1 Aarti First Position
2 Babita Second Position
3 Pooja Third Position
4 Barkha Rani Fourth Position
5 Anjana Fifth Position
6 Monika Sixth Position
7 Anita Seventh Position
8 Parul Eighth Position
9 Dheeraj Rani Ninth Position
10 Hitika Ninth Position
11 Bhawna Mudgil Tenth Position

Result of B.Ed. (Session 2014-15) Pass 100 %

Number of First class-96 Students List of TopTen students

Sr. No Name Position
1 Jaya First Position
2 Sonia Second Position
3 Alka Verma Third Position
4 Deepika Fourth Position
5 Sunita Yadav Fifth Position
6 Ekta Sixth Position
7 Jyoti Seventh Position
8 Monika Sharma Eighth Position
9 Babita Eighth Position
10 KanikaChikara Ninth Position
11 Bhumika Tenth Position

Result of B.Ed. (Session 2015-16) Pass 100 %

Number of First class-99 Students List of TopTen students

Sr. No Name Position
1 SakshiDua, Nisha Mittal First Position
2 Ritu Second Position
3 Rekha Devi Third Position
4 Kavita, Preeti Fourth Position
5 Vinita Fifth Position
6 Kiran, Priyanka Sixth Position
7 Kavita, Komal, Reetika Khatri Seventh Position
8 Ragini Eighth Position
9 Sangeeta Deswal Ninth Position
10 Nedhika Gemini Ninth Position